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Its been a hot minute since ive had a Newgrounds update, so i thought maybe i should update yall on how ive been doing the last couple of months. To be frank ive been stressed out, inspired, in a rut and somewhat confused of the spot that I currently occupy. Any personal artistic endeavors have been halted due to the wildly popular flash game I currently make the music for, but that isnt a bad thing.

First and foremost i want to do a good job, but I also wanna give the fans music they haven't heard before, and FNF is the perfect way to shove in some weird sounds into the tunes. I think it really fucked with my head when videogame composer gods like C418 and Hideki Naganuma acknowledged my existence when I dont consider myself to be a videogame composer by any means. Instead of complaining about it, I'd rather show the players what I'm all about thru FNF and push some boundaries. I think me being an outsider is important and adds flavor and interest into the game so im gonna keep pushing buttons.

Most of my issues have come around just because of the twitter "fame" and "notoriety". honestly, i thought about deleting my twitter and going full on Frank Ocean and keeping a low profile and just pump out good tunes. In all honesty I find that online trends are hollow to me and perhaps its giving me a bad view of certain things. I'm not so much optimistic about social media when everybody wants to tear you down for no reason other than out of jealousy and spitefulness. I dislike toxic people, but it seems like more and more of them get shoved directly into my face everyday and its kinda like the opposite of therapy lol. It really makes me feel more appreciative of the Newgrounds community and how cool everyone on the platform can be. I just hope that with the game that that thing is preserved and doesn't turn Newgrounds into what it shouldn't be. But I have faith that NG will turn these new kiddies into talented hard working artists.

I don't like being pessimistic at all but I guess I can't escape this feeling that bad things could happen. In fact I should be happy because at this point I've basically made my dream job a reality in 3 months. The OST currently has 23 million streams on spotify, record company A&R's are bothering me, it's all just so bizarre to think that 2 months ago I was making minimum wage at a shitty sandwich shop. Now I'm a free agent and nobody can tell me what I can or cant do and it will probably stay that way. My life is permanently changed.

So what is it that I want now? I'm not too sure. These next couple days are extremely essential to how my future will shape up to be, so all I can do is wait and see. After Friday Night Funkin' I will work on my own projects and continue on as I used to, business as usual for Kawai Sprite. except this time I'll have money lol. anyways thanks for reading me vent. I'm incredibly thankful for Newgrounds and Tom Fulp for making my dreams a reality, and for all my friends keeping my head screwed on straight. I love you <3


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