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Posted by KawaiSprite - February 20th, 2021

Its been a hot minute since ive had a Newgrounds update, so i thought maybe i should update yall on how ive been doing the last couple of months. To be frank ive been stressed out, inspired, in a rut and somewhat confused of the spot that I currently occupy. Any personal artistic endeavors have been halted due to the wildly popular flash game I currently make the music for, but that isnt a bad thing.

First and foremost i want to do a good job, but I also wanna give the fans music they haven't heard before, and FNF is the perfect way to shove in some weird sounds into the tunes. I think it really fucked with my head when videogame composer gods like C418 and Hideki Naganuma acknowledged my existence when I dont consider myself to be a videogame composer by any means. Instead of complaining about it, I'd rather show the players what I'm all about thru FNF and push some boundaries. I think me being an outsider is important and adds flavor and interest into the game so im gonna keep pushing buttons.

Most of my issues have come around just because of the twitter "fame" and "notoriety". honestly, i thought about deleting my twitter and going full on Frank Ocean and keeping a low profile and just pump out good tunes. In all honesty I find that online trends are hollow to me and perhaps its giving me a bad view of certain things. I'm not so much optimistic about social media when everybody wants to tear you down for no reason other than out of jealousy and spitefulness. I dislike toxic people, but it seems like more and more of them get shoved directly into my face everyday and its kinda like the opposite of therapy lol. It really makes me feel more appreciative of the Newgrounds community and how cool everyone on the platform can be. I just hope that with the game that that thing is preserved and doesn't turn Newgrounds into what it shouldn't be. But I have faith that NG will turn these new kiddies into talented hard working artists.

I don't like being pessimistic at all but I guess I can't escape this feeling that bad things could happen. In fact I should be happy because at this point I've basically made my dream job a reality in 3 months. The OST currently has 23 million streams on spotify, record company A&R's are bothering me, it's all just so bizarre to think that 2 months ago I was making minimum wage at a shitty sandwich shop. Now I'm a free agent and nobody can tell me what I can or cant do and it will probably stay that way. My life is permanently changed.

So what is it that I want now? I'm not too sure. These next couple days are extremely essential to how my future will shape up to be, so all I can do is wait and see. After Friday Night Funkin' I will work on my own projects and continue on as I used to, business as usual for Kawai Sprite. except this time I'll have money lol. anyways thanks for reading me vent. I'm incredibly thankful for Newgrounds and Tom Fulp for making my dreams a reality, and for all my friends keeping my head screwed on straight. I love you <3


@MKMaffo drew me


Posted by KawaiSprite - September 22nd, 2020

I released an album this month. It's called "Chuckie Finster" Here's a link to the album: https://ampl.ink/q3989

I also made some T-shirts so you can look fresh and support me while doing it! I designed them but dont worry they dont look stupid. Here's some designs through Teespring: https://teespring.com/stores/drugpop-megamartiu_171151_7429540.jpg

I also put my balls on a sticker if you want some sticky balls.

also thank you for 600 followers in advance, I love you all much. Happy madness day!


Posted by KawaiSprite - September 7th, 2020


Posted by KawaiSprite - July 4th, 2020


Posted by KawaiSprite - April 29th, 2020


I joined Newgrounds on this day last year. Since then I've made friends, met really cool talented people and I've made a whole bunch of art and music. It no longer feels weird to me that I have a place and a home here. I'm grateful for the chance to share things with people I would've never met if I wasn't here. That's All.

ALSO I have an EP scheduled for release the day before Pico Day. Hopefully it will hit streaming services on May 8. If you have Spotify here's a link to save the album: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kawaisprite/android. Its much like a return to form for me, so check it out if you enjoyed any of my "Future" music.

I have a twitch as well: https://www.twitch.tv/kawaisprite

maybe ill try to do some music production streams later in the future. idk but I made one hehe so there it is

I love all kinds of music, I love art, I love to laugh and I love being here. 2020 is definitely a terrible year but we can and will do great things together. So stay put and hold on to your balls cause we got shit to do motherfucker.



Posted by KawaiSprite - February 25th, 2020

I have a new album/mixtape up on bandcamp.

It's called 'spanish blood': https://drugpop.bandcamp.com/album/spanish-blood

It's available for free but if you want you can pay what you'd like.

Its also coming to streaming services like spotify very very soon so make sure to hit up this link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kawaisprite/spanish-blood

Stream my music on Spotify guys i need that fraction of a penny, pretty please.

thank you.


Posted by KawaiSprite - December 26th, 2019

Hi guys.

I came to Newgrounds earlier this year in 2019 and to be honest a lot has changed since then. I'm a lot happier, confident, more fit and willing to take risks. I feel like no matter what happens in this next coming year, all of you will be with me. I cant say enough good things about the Newgrounds community so I wont even try. I just wanna say thank you for a successful first year on NG.

I appreciate the fact that I can do weird things and express new strange ideas. If you know of what I do, I might have confused you with all of the different styles of music I go for. Thanks for dealing with me in that regard. I'm always looking for new sounds and territories to explore. That's just who I am.

I was thinking about releasing music under my own name later in the future, as well as under Kawai Sprite, just so there is more differentiation between the numerous styles of music I work under. But that's just another idea.

I also want to remind everyone that I have a collection of music called RAINBOW OST that can be used for your video game or animation here on Newgrounds. Its free and I want it to be used in something because I cant really use that shit for anything, I just made it for fun.

And now Its time to reveal something I've been working on for a while. It's a new album. It's called "Future Series Original Soundtrack" (FSOST). Ive never tried promoting an album before I release it because usually I'm too lazy but maybe I'll try that out. It's coming out 1/24/2020. Save it on Spotify.


While I'm on the subject of Spotify, please stream my music on Spotify! Kawai Sprite on Spotify. You might not think it but streaming my music helps me get my name out there out of the dark void.

I also have a bandcamp where you can download every single thing I've ever done in whatever audio format, for free or you could pay me thats cool too...

Once again thanks. I love all of you. Thank you for being with me this year. Next year is going to be a fun one. I dont even know what I'm gonna be doing but I'm sure it'll be exciting.



Posted by KawaiSprite - December 2nd, 2019

Hello once again,

I've decided to open up a Fiverr account so I can start making a lil extra cheddar on the side.


If you know anyone that needs some music send em here!

I'll try my hand at other forms of music besides hip-hop if this turns out to be a promising venture in the future.

Thanks for supporting me here on NG. It's been a rough month for me so I appreciate this community a whole bunch!

When I have any new music ready I'll share it with you, but uploads might be sparse this month.

I love you.



Posted by KawaiSprite - November 18th, 2019


Posted by KawaiSprite - October 28th, 2019

Hello everyone!

I've been really busy this month working on some video-game music. Turns out I made a lot!

I'm giving it out for free.

I have also decided to put all of it under an "Attribution" Creative Commons License so you can use it in whatever you'd like, on or off Newgrounds!

If you do use it in some way just gimme a lil shout out, y'know what I'm sayin? Gimme some love because I work so hard 4 u. Thanks babe. <3

You can download all of the tracks from my bandcamp: https://drugpop.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-ost

I also have a NG playlist as well: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/a871c50cabfb01935cf552d07714c76a

I hope this helps somebody out, I love you. Stay creative.